Any natural or legal person whose intent is to support the Blockchain Arbitration Forum may become a member thereof.

Every member can decide whether he or she wants to be listed as a potential arbitrator in our arbitrator database. Our arbitrator database contains members of this association who feel competent to rule over or mediate disputes in a very technical context. Arbitrators do not need to have a law degree. This is important! The idea of arbitration is to provide the parties in dispute with arbitrators which are competent in the very special area the dispute has arisen from. This means, if a dispute is more of a technical nature, it might make sense to add an arbitrator with an IT background. Therefore, all members with an IT and/or law degree are welcome to list themselves as arbitrators.

Note that being listed as an arbitrator does not oblige you to do anything. You are always free to accept or decline potential appointments of parties in dispute.

Should you wish to apply for being listed as an arbitrator please provide us with additional information on your experience and background and why companies should appoint you in case of disputes. This information will be made public on our website to enable companies to find you, but may be modified by you at every time, of course.

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